Your ScotiaMcLeod Statement

Statement brochure

You will receive a statement for your ScotiaMcLeod account(s) monthly whenever there are account transactions during the month. If there is no activity you will receive quarterly statements. These will provide you with the details of any transactions over the reporting period and will summarize your investment holdings. We are very proud to be the only full service brokerage firm offering an RRSP statement which shows the total value of contributions to the plan, and the plan's growth since it was opened (or 1991, whichever is later). For more information on your statement and how to interpret it, please see our statement guide:

Note: Average cost does not reflect the original purchase price of a security where dividends have been re-invested. See why in our Dividend Distribution Example.

Trade confirmations

A trade confirmation slip is sent whenever there is a trade in your account that is not part of a monthly pre-authorized plan. For more information on trade confirmations, see:

More on statements and reporting

We would be pleased to provide you with additional information to help asses your account performance. A variety of performance reports are available upon request on each of your individual investments consolidated by account. We can also help review the fees you are paying and saving in your ScotiaMcLeod account. Please contact your advisor for more information.

Please contact your ScotiaMcLeod Wealth Advisor directly for more information or for investment advice tailored to your personal situation.

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