Make a contribution through online banking

No matter where you bank

Online banking makes it easy to contribute to your ScotiaMcLeod RRSP and other accounts - when and where it is convenient for you. Even without registering for online access with ScotiaMcLeod, you can still transfer funds as a "bill payment" from your bank account at almost any bank in Canada to your ScotiaMcLeod account(s).

If you bank with Scotiabank, simply make a transfer from your Scotiabank account to the appropriate ScotiaMcLeod investment account.

If you bank elsewhere, simply set up ScotiaMcLeod as a bill payee (it will appear as "ScotiaMcLeod" or similar). You will want to enter your 8 digit or full 10 digit ScotiaMcLeod account number as prompted. Contributions will appear in your ScotiaMcLeod account within 1-2 days and we will contact you regarding investments. (Please note that if you are making an RRSP contribution online from a non Scotiabank account, we recommend you remit as a bill payment by Monday, Feb 23, 2015 to ensure that we receive your contribution by the March 2nd deadline. You might also want to send us an email so we can keep an eye on any last minute contributions.)

Unfortunately, RESP contributions cannot be made online, but you can transfer to a non-registered account and we can then make the contribution for you and ensure you receive the 20% government CESG grant.

Got questions? Contact your ScotiaMcLeod Wealth Advisor to learn more about your ScotiaMcLeod Account, its features and benefits.

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