See Your Portfolio On-line & Transfer Funds to your Account

We are pleased to offer a convenient, free service that will change the way you look at ScotiaMcLeod. It's called ScotiaMcLeod Online, and allows you to easily access your ScotiaMcLeod accounts plus valuable online information - anytime, anywhere!

ScotiaMcLeod Online is a complimentary, value-added service that will enhance your working relationship with your ScotiaMcLeod Wealth Advisor. ScotiaMcLeod. Online account access is integrated with the sophisticated Scotia Online platform, allowing you to see both your ScotiaMcLeod and any ScotiaBank accounts. We'll be pleased to help you get started or give you more information.

ScotiaMcLeod Online gives you access to:
  • Your Investment Accounts: Review cash balances and security positions.
  • Account Transaction History
  • Account Statements
  • Make contributions online
  • Equity Quotes: From Canadian and US markets.
  • Mutual Fund Data
  • Market News
  • ScotiaMcLeod's Top-Ranked Research: On selected equities, fixed income, and mutual funds.
  • Your Annual Trading Summary: Detailing the previous year's trade-related activity.
  • "What if" Portfolios: Created by you so you can compare investment scenarios.
Getting started

Please complete the following steps to access your accounts through ScotiaMcLeod Online:

  1. Online Access Form - Please download and complete this form.
  2. Power of Attorney forms - Download and have your spouse complete and sign the following forms if you need access to spousal accounts:
  3. Send us your forms - Fax or mail your forms to your ScotiaMcLeod Wealth Advisor.

ScotiaMcLeod Online account access is integrated with the sophisticated Scotia Online platform, allowing you to see both your ScotiaMcLeod and any ScotiaBank accounts.  Due to the secure process required to link existing and new account access, please allow up to 5 business days for your access to be enabled.

Already signed up? Click here to login. We are pleased to note that there is no charge for the Scotia Online service.

If you also wish to trade online, consider an i:Partner account.

Technical support for the above can be reached at 1-800-830-3838.

Other Easy Ways to See Investment Performance

We also continue to recommend Globefund and our own fund performance pages for easy online ways to quickly answer the "How are my investments doing?" question.  And even more detailed written "Bellcharts" analysis can be requested from us on your specific funds.

Also, Fidelity, AIM/Trimark and CI Funds allow you to see your own accounts online through their secure sites.

Remember though, that looking at your accounts too often, can cause Myopic Risk Aversion that reduces investor returns.

Online Funds Transfer to ScotiaMcLeod

Even without registering for online access with ScotiaMcLeod, you can still transfer funds from your bank account at almost any bank in Canada to your ScotiaMcLeod account(s). Select ScotiaMcLeod as the payee and enter your ScotiaMcLeod account number. (Depending on your institution, they may want you to enter the first 8 or all 10 digits of your ScotiaMcLeod account number.) See our online contributions page for more details.

Information on Scotia Online Security

Got questions? Contact your ScotiaMcLeod Wealth Advisor to learn more about your ScotiaMcLeod Account, its features and benefits.

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