Mutual Funds

If you have a retirement protfolio, you likely have some mutual funds. There are good reasons why mutual funds are used so widely in the portfolios of Canadians. They offer diversification, liquidity, the services of professional portfolio management. They have been critiqued lately for high fees. This is not necessarily the case. Not all mutual funds are created equal. When purchased with no front-end or deferred sales charges and carefully selected for high quality management relative to management fees, mutual funds provide exceptional value to investors. We can help with this. Scotia Wealth Management's research allows us to provide you with recommendations of quality financial products, with proven track records.

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Want to check on the performance of your mutual funds?

You can check on the performance of your mutual funds by logging into your account through ScotiaOnline:

Mutual fund performance information is also available from many newspapers and fund data providers. Our top picks are:

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