Investment Programs

ScotiaMcLeod's investment programs offer a systematic approach, reducing the temptation for investors to try to time the market. This leads to better returns, on average, over the long term. They also offer an alternative to commission-based trading. ScotiaMcLeod's investment programs provide many benefits, such as

  • Comprehensive suite of investment programs
  • Proactively addressing the uniqueness of your situation
  • Implementation of your financial strategy using a systematic process
  • Disciplined approach to investing with a team of investment specialists

With these investment programs, your ScotiaMcLeod advisor(s) can work with you to choose the approach that best matches your investment needs.

Please contact your ScotiaMcLeod Wealth Advisor directly for more information or for investment advice tailored to your personal situation.

Find out more about managed account programs on the ScotiaMcLeod website:

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