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For your convenience, we have made available some of our most frequently used forms for you to download:

Form Notes
Register for online account access Complete the following steps to access your ScotiaMcLeod accounts through ScotiaOnline:
Change your address For your protection, we require your signature to change your address. Follow these steps to advise us of your change of address and to update us on any changes to your investment objectives, as well:
Contribute to your RRSP Use this form to make a contribution to your existing RRSP account.  Note: If making a contribution in January or February for the previous tax year, please courier or allow time for mailing. CCRA will not allow us to accept an RRSP contribution for the previous tax year that is received after March 1 of the current year, regardless of postmark. Click here for information on how to contribute online...
Change your investment directions

Print off this form to change the fund(s) in which your regular payroll or monthly PAC contributions are being invested. You can also use the form to direct your payroll to a spousal RRSP. Please allow 2 weeks for our systems to be updated upon receipt of your new instructions.

To change the amount that you contribute, in employer payroll Group plans, please contact your payroll department, as only they can modify the amounts coming off your paycheque.

Please note that we only need written instructions to change your ongoing investment instructions. One time changes to your investments, i.e. fund switches, bond purchases etc. can be done verbally.

RRSP withdrawal This letter and form will help you understand the financial/tax implications if you are considering an RRSP Withdrawal.
Power of attorney
(limited or full)
Granting someone Power of Attorney (POA) over your account allows him or her to make investment decisions on your behalf. While a POA is usually a spouse or close relative, that is not always the case. Whether to allow your spouse to manage your investments on your behalf or merely to designate a trusted individual to act on your behalf in case you were incapacitated or unavailable, having a designated POA is generally a good idea. (Note: In the case of Spousal RRSPs, the spousal contributor is not the account holder. For the spousal contributor to direct how his or her contributions are invested, he or she must have POA for the account.) Follow these steps to set up a power of attorney on your account:
Change your beneficiary Print off this form if you want to change the beneficiary on your RRSP account. Note, we recommend you list your spouse (if applicable), as that is the only person your RRSP can transfer to tax-free.
Contribute to a monthly PAC plan Print off this form if you want to contribute monthly to your Association Group RRSP account. (Note: not for employer payroll Group RRSP accounts.)
ScotiaMcLeod TFSA application Use this form to set up your self-directed ScotiaMcLeod Tax Free Savings Account. See our TFSA page for full details.
Pre-authorized contribution form (TFSA) Use this form to set up a monthly contribution from you bank account to your ScotiaMcLeod Tax Free Savings Account.
Pre-authorized trading agreement Use this form to make contributions to your non-Registered investment account from payroll. (Contact us to see if this is available from your employer.)
Monthly PAC or SWP run by fund company To set up automated contribution or withdrawal plans with a fund company for nominee accounts at ScotiaMcLeod, use these forms: Technically, using this form, the fund company performs the transaction, which is then posted to your ScotiaMcLeod account. (Not for employer payroll group plans and essentially replaces ca-53.)
Transfer your RRSP or RRIF Print off this form to transfer other RRSPs (or RRIFs) to your ScotiaMcLeod account. The form is pre completed, and can be filled out online, then printed, or faxed to us. (Or use the original RevCan T2033.)
Open a RESP account Link to this page for all the forms and information required to set up a ScotiaMcLeod self-directed RESP.
Open a DPSP account Link to this page for all the forms and information required to set up a ScotiaMcLeod self-directed DPSP (if you are part of an employer sponsored plan).
Set up a trust account Use this form to open an "In Trust" account.
Open a new account Link to this page to open a new ScotiaMcLeod account.
Home Buyer's Withdrawal Link to this page for all the forms and information required to set up a Home Buyer's Withdrawal (HBW) from your RRSP. Also see Revenue Canada's HBW information guide.
(REMINDER: Don't forget to send us a MKYC form to update your address once you've moved.)
T3012 - Application for refund of excess RRSP contributions Use this form to apply if you have over-contributed to your RRSP and want to withdraw the excess.
T2151 - DPSP or RPP transfer Use this form to transfer your DPSP or RPP account to ScotiaMcLeod.
Lifelong learning plan Link to this page for all the forms and information required to make a Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) withdrawal from your RRSP.
T1213 - Reduce source tax withheld Use this form (T1213) to reduce the source tax withheld by your employer as a result of your non-payroll RRSP contributions.
TD2 - Retiring allowance transfer Use this form to transfer your retiring allowance to your RRSP.
T1032 - Joint election to split pension income Use this form to set up income splitting for your pension income.
Electronic communications form Use this form to allow us to contact you electronically (i.e. via email) about your portfolio.

MAIL or FAX your completed forms to your ScotiaMcLeod Wealth Advisor.

Please see the Term and Conditions for more information about your account.

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