For Investors

A large part of our role as your advisor involves educating you about investing. We like to provide you with all the information you need to make wise choices.

Investment Choice

Building on our history of innovation, we have developed flexible group plans that offer plan participants all the benefits of individual "self-directed" RRSPs. In their ScotiaMcLeod group RRSPs, your employees or members may hold any of:

  • Mutual Funds (from among 3,500 funds and 40 fund companies)
  • GICs (from up to 20 different issuers for full CDIC coverage)
  • Bonds, Coupons (Stripped Bonds), T-Bills, CSBs, PSBs
  • Stocks
  • Even their own mortgage

The ScotiaMcLeod-Manulife Alliance

ScotiaMcLeod also offers simplified Manulife RRSP plans (approx. 60 different investment choices) in addition to our full service self-directed ScotiaMcleod plans. This allows your plan to be tailored to the investment needs of a broader range of plan members.

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Investor Protection

As a member of the Investment Dealers of Canada, ScotiaMcLeod offers your employees or members the highest possible level of investment safety. We are regulated by the Ontario Security Commission's "Know Your Client" rules. Because we offer a large number of GIC issuers, we can ensure a higher level of CDIC insurance on than your employees can receive through a single bank or trust company. As well, plan participants can have their assets 100% guaranteed by the government of Canada through the purchase of government of Canada bonds. Your employees or members derive the greatest protection of all from our individualized client advice by licensed advisors and diversification of investments.

Client Service

We offer our clients the highest possible level of service through regular on-site visits, one-on-one investment advice and retirement planning. In addition, we offer our dedicated, licensed staff to answer client questions. Service centres are accessible toll-free from anywhere in Canada.

More on ScotiaMcLeod Group Plans

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